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Auto 4 Roll/Auto 2 Roll & Special Plate Rolls 

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Automation in the workplace is becoming more common as pressure increases to reduce labor costs. Most all CNC and NC controlled machines are 4 roll types. Automated controls are recommended for high volume or significantly repetitive cylinder or shell production or to roll complex shapes that are not easily reproduced by using manual machine controls.



25 Models & Customs Builds



15 Models / Many Capacities

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Customs Builds

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AUTOMATIC 4 ROLL - HIGH SPEED Automatic Cycle Plate Rolls

Our High Speed Auto Cycle Double Pinch Plate Rolls are available in both hydraulic and pneumatic actuated styles with standard, NC or CNC controls. These machines are designed for manufacturing efficiency by using an automated work cycle for the production of cylindrical, radiused, segmental and poly-centric parts at the touch of the Start Button.

Movements of both hydraulic and pneumatic versions are of the highest precision and incorporate leading edge technology in order to rapidly and accurately perform high volume production runs. They are engineered for high speed continuous production. Add auto loading & ejector systems and you have a powerful tool to increase production rates, reduce handling time.

Choose from our ISC, HDTS, QAP & QAI Series Automatic Cycle 4 Roll models groups encompassing over 30 standard sizes. All can be tailored to your specific production needs. Carell 2 Roll Auto-cycle machines can also be built as production cells


  • Capacities from 15” to 96” long x 26 Ga to 3/16” thick plate

  • Automated bending cycles

  • Top roll and pinch rolls driven in rotation

  • Hardened, heat treated alloy steel rolls

  • High polished, non-marring roll surface finish

  • High speed rolling velocity

  • Automatic drop-end release at end of cycle

  • Compact space-saving designs

  • Top support/deflectors

  • Sheet feed squaring arm and adjustable back stops


  • Sheet-Loading systems from pallets or blank stacks

  • Cylinder ejector systems

  • Automated sheet alignment systems

  • Multiple pallet blank shuttle systems

  • Special machine configurations for dedicated needs

  • A variety of CNC, NC or basic controls tailored to your requirements

  • Finished part accumulators and take-away conveyors

  • Lateral bending rolls powered also in rotation

  • Urethane coated rolls

  • Interchangeable top rolls


True Pyramid Plate Roll

PIR 8' x 5/16"

The PIR 8’ x 5/16” is a True Pyramid Plate Roll with 3 driven rolls, hydraulic movement of top pressing roll and a hydraulic pre-bend bottom brake shoe

Custom Built in 2022 for the US Coast Guard!

OMCCA-PIR 2500-8p.png
AUTOMATIC 2 ROLL - HIGH SPEED Automatic Cycle Plate Rolls

Our 2 Roll Units are designed to rapidly produce radius  and cylindrical parts from start to finish at the touch of a button in a cost-effective manner. Machines engineered for high speed continuous production. Easy setup using durable mechanical and electric limit devices. Add an auto loading and ejector system and the unit becomes a powerful tool reducing part  throughput & handling time to an absolute minimum


  • High speed one pass rolling

  • Quick set-up and adjustment

  • Eliminates leading flat ends

  • Tight tolerance rolling of round parts even using sheets with cutouts, voids and perforations 

  • Machine frame in heavy steel plate and structural sections, electro-welded, stress relieved and precision CNC machined 

  • Urethane roll driven by electric motor, inverter and gear reduction or hydraulics

  • Powered drop end actuated in automatic or push buttons

  • Top roll sheet support arm, manual preset, max. diam. 27” 

  • All rolls mounted in spherical roller bearings

  • Urethane roll stroke setting via precision dial gauge hand wheel or electrics

  • Urethane roll pinch carriage up/down by hydraulics 

  • Sheet feed support with squaring arm 

  • Low Voltage Controls, mounted on detached command pulpit with push button controls, positive leveling of lower roll 

  • Manual forced lubrication



  • Sheet-Loading systems

  • Cylinder ejector systems

  • Automated sheet alignment systems

  • Sheet pallet shuttle systems

  • Special machine configurations for
    dedicated production jobs

  • Various Overhead Support configurations

  • NC & MULIT-AXIS CNC Controls for Automatic Production


2 Roll Models are available in lengths

From 20” to 78” and 28 Ga to 0.125” thickness

Dedicated Cylinder Rolls or

Dedicated Cone Rolling Machine

No finish deterioration of part surface The High Durometer Urethane coated lower roll allows perfect rolling of polished aluminum alloy, stainless steel or mirror finished materials without surface marring or contamination. Reduce / Eliminate un-bent flats and produce perfectly aligned seams with maximum pressure between the top and pinch rolls, perfectly parallel seams are achieved with virtually no un-bent flats.


"CARELL supplies 3 and 4 roll machines for rolling corrugated sheet of all lengths, thickness and corrugation patterns. Machines are available with standard and CNC controls. Feeding and stacking systems are optional"

Please contact us with your production needs and specifications so that we can prepare a quotation for the ideal machine.

Guard Rail Bending Machines

Our Guard Rail Bending Machines are capable of bending 2 and 3 beam rails in both the concave and convex orientations. Rolls for other non-standard shapes can be provided.
Carell can provide Guard Rail Benders built for working horizontal as well as vertical.
Control types range from simple machine mounted actuators, push buttons with LED Readouts and NC/CNC programmable units with memory.