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Standard Features

  • Dual LED Digital Displays monitor bending roll positions

  • Double Pinch Geometry permits pre-bending of leading & trailing ends of the profile without removal from the machine

  • Telescoping modular multi-component roll set specifically designed to bend standard sections including angle leg-in/out and square/rectangular tube, as well as other shapes in a variety of material types

  • Tri-Directional Lateral Guides with cam rollers for correcting inherent twist when rolling angle leg-in

  • Operates in both horizontal and vertical orientations

    *with standard equipment


  • Flats Hard: 2" x 5/16" Ø16

  • Flats Easy: 2-3/8" x 5/8" Ø18

  • Pipe Schedule 40: 1-1/4" Ø20

  • Angle Leg-in: 1-1/2 x 3/16" Ø18


  • Rolls for tubes pipes, and special profiles

  • Tooling for production of half tubes

  • Overhead Supports for coil production

  • Compression and Tension tooling for C, & I hard way

  • NC and CNC Controls with various automation levels for repetitive jobs and production of variable radius bends and parts with multiple bends

  • Powered Movements on lateral material guides on models 302HV through 307HV

  • LED digital displays for movements on lateral material guides

3000 Series Control Options


is a 3 driven rolls, double initial pinch universal bending machine with independent hydraulic adjustment of both lateral bending rolls and powered rotation of all three bending rolls. This versatile unit is ideal for rolling standard/special sections as well as tube and pipe in mild-structural-stainless steels, aluminum, brass, copper and other materials. Machines are furnished with a set of standard universal rolls.

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Equipment Cost:

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