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Plate or Sheet Bending Rolls fall into 2 general categories,

Single or Double Pinch. However they may have different geometries or operational features. Matching the most appropriate machine style to the application is of primary importance to the user in order to maximize the return on investment (ROI). 

General Common Roll Styles are as follows: 
2 Roll Machines      (also known as High Speed 2 Roll Automatic Cycle Plate Rolls) 

3 Roll Initial Pinch (also known as Single Initial Pinch or I.P. Rolls or Slip Rolls) 
3 Roll Double Pinch (also known as 3 Roll Double Initial Pinch) 
4 Roll Double Pinch (also known as 4 Roll Double Initial Pinch or simply 4 Rolls)
3 Roll Variable Translating Geometry 
Automated Cycle & Specialty Rolls 
Vertical Rolls (available in a variety of the above styles)


4 Roll Double Pinch Plate Rolls

Carell 4 Roll Double Pinch Plate Rolls are built tough for longer machine life and are designed to minimize maintenance. The VBH Series plate rolls are available in over 60 sizes with capacities from to 6” down to 20 gauge. Our unparalleled range of standard models provide unmatched flexibility and coverage of most any plate rolling requirement. Our 4 Roll and 3 Roll Plate Rolls can be designed and built to handle a wide range of specific rolling requirements to include shorter or longer lengths from 20 inches to 24 feet, custom roll cambers, slotted rolls for plate with flanges-lips-ribs, corrugated patterns for corrugated material, vertical rolling applications and more


4 Roll Double Pinch

Manufacturing Range: 1' to 26' Long - 20 GA to 12" thick 
(also known as 4 Roll Double Initial Pinch or simply 4 Rolls)


3 Roll Double Pinch Plate Rolls

They are available from light to extremely heavy capacities and sometimes referred to as "double pinch pyramid plate rolls’"or "double initial pinch plate rolls". Both three and four roll styles have fixed position top rolls and two offset rollers or "lateral rolls", one on each side and include drop end yokes for easy extraction of the work-piece.Three Roll machines generally require pre-bending the leading end, running the sheet through the machine to pre-bend the trailing end then switching roll rotation direction to roll the cylinder body.


3 Roll Double Pinch

Manufacturing Range 1' to 26' Long -  .05" to 6" thick

(also known as 3 Roll Double Initial Pinch) 


Variable Geometry Three Roll Plate Rolls 

are built for medium, heavy to extremely thick plate applications. The top roll moves up/down and the lower two rolls each move horizontally. This lower roll movement allows increasing the offset distance from the top roll and commensurately increasing mechanical advantage in bending. By adjusting the geometry they can be used similar to single pinch, double pinch and pyramid style machines and require minimal sheet movement during the pre-bend operations.


3 Roll Translating Geometry

Manufacturing Range: 3' to 26' Long - 1/4" to 12" thick

(also known as 3 Roll Variable Translating Geometry)


Initial Pinch or Single Initial Pinch Plate Rolls

are generally for lighter capacity applications and may be electro-mechanical or hydraulic. The upper roll is in a fixed position; the lower pinch roll can move up/down to pinch the material. The third roll (the forming roll) is also adjustable. They are cost effective but in contrast may be more labor intensive in a production setting. 

Initial Pinch-Hydraulic & Mechanical
(also known as 3 Roll Single Initial Pinch or I.P. Rolls or Slip Rolls)
3' to 12' Long - 1/2" to 26Ga Capacites


Automatic Cycle Plate Rolls
are designed to rapidly produce radiused  and cylindrical parts from start to finish at the touch of a button in a cost-effective manner. Machines engineered for high speed continuous production. Easy setup using durable mechanical and electric limit devices. Add an auto loading and ejector system and the Hi Tech unit becomes a powerful tool reducing part  throughput & handling time to an absolute minimumn setting. 


Vertical Format Plate Rolls 

can be of nearly any geometry, double pinch, single pinch or pyramid. Vertical rolls are most often used for rolling large diameters and can be advantageous when used in the field for storage tank production. Carell offers automated Vertical Tank Production Systems which are fed from coil stock and can include vertical sheet cutoff and automatic vertical seam welding among other options. These Systems can be used in-house or in the field and increase production output while reducing labor input