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A Simple Philosophy... Offer The Best Roll Benders...
...and back them up with the Best Warranty in the Industry to prove it!

About Us

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Carell Corporation was founded to fill a need...for tough, dependable Plate Rolls, Angle Rolls Tube & Pipe Benders and other fabricating machines capable of working day after day with minimum down time. Our quest in worldwide manufacturing solutions has produced proven results that from the best materials inside and out, come the strongest machines ever built. All our equipment is designed and tested in the field to offer unparalleled performance under the toughest conditions. It's no coincidence that the strongest machines come with the  strongest warranty ever written! Every specification is carefully thought out to produce the best end product possible to meet the demands of today's industry.


Located conveniently in Stapleton, Alabama at the juncture of major east/west and north/south interstate arteries and the Port of Mobile. Carell Corporation inventories and supports the broadest range of bending machines, tooling and options to match any budget or application.

Our Team of Factory Trained Technicians, Application Engineers, Tooling Designers and Support Staff provide you with solutions for the life of your machine. Carell’s Testing Facility and CNC Machine Shop produces Custom Rolls and Tooling In-house to accomplish the most demanding of roll bending applications. We are Solution Oriented and have an extensive stock of machines- tooling-parts ready to ship to your location.

No Shortcuts…

every specification is carefully thought out to produce the best end product possible and.... backed by an UNMATCHED Warranty and Professional Customer Service!


We Back Our Benders with UNMATCHED Warranties!
100% TOTAL PARTS COVERAGE - Including OEM components!

Warranty periods vary from 12 to 24 months depending on the bending machine model.

Parts are FOB Eagle Bending Machines for units used under normal indoor working conditions. All warranties are conditional, exclude labor and are subject to limitations.

Please contact us for details.

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