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We manufacture and stock tools for plate roll bending, angle rolls, tube & pipe benders, custom & special tooling, section benders and more. We also carry the following brand names - Acrotech, Air Liquid, Cansa Makina, BPR Curvatrici, CBC, Comac, Hyllus, Icaro, Isitan, Lucas, Macri, Memoli, Ofmer, OMCCA, Omera, Parmigiani, Pedrick, Sahinler, and Simasv.

Automation Production Systems

Evolving Into Automation Production Systems

For small businesses making the manufacturing leap into exponential growth in fabrication production, understanding how to apply and select the right automation production systems is key. Capital investment is one of the biggest investment decisions a small business can make for large-step growth, so it’s essential to choose right the first time. The wrong equipment can seriously impact profit margins as well as limit the scale of service a fabricator can offer its clientele. Carell Corporation provides a large portfolio of automation production systems for growing companies, handling equipment needs for manufacturing for everyone from startups and small business to medium and large-size plant companies. With a high-performance selection available in multiple fabrication categories, Carell insures its customers are guided to the right equipment and tooling systems they need at every stage of their growth track. And, the automation system series that are available provide for all types of situations, including small footprint needs as well.


Getting into the Accuracy of CNC Controls


When it’s time to start moving in high accuracy fabrication, particularly of metal end product goods, CNC controls are essential. They can be guided manually or with automation programs (more popular), coupling with high production fabrication runs and demands. And because the accuracy potential is so high on the production side, companies can open up their possibilities for additional markets and sales as a result, especially into niche markets where specs are down to the millimeters or smaller for order fulfillment. The high quality CNC system Carell Corporation can make available also come with extensive guidance, training and capital equipment support through Carell for long investment life and profit margin turnaround in maintained production levels. With all these wins, its surprising more fabricators haven’t instituted CNC controls as fast as possible, especially with Carell Corporation’s available support.

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