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Horizontal Presses

Carell Corporation makes it easy for clients and fabricators to secure the right horizontal presses for the jobs that need to be met. With a selection of presses that range from small footprint to extra wide capabilities, the Carell T-series horizontal presses make it easy for fabricators to handle custom jobs without difficulty. All of the T-series presses incorporated forced lubrication with multiple tooling choices as well as accessories for added functionality. Straightening, bending, curling, rotary pipe modification, die cutting, shearing, twisting and form pressing are all doable. With all these added tooling options, a fabricator can easily create a wide range of metal hardware products with very little effort and cost aside from materials and system press maintenance. In fact, one could argue that Carell’s horizontal press equipment may almost be only limited by an owner’s imagination of what can be manufactured.

A Wide Selection of Horizontal Presses

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