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The MIGNON Series  Initial Pinch Roll Benders are designed for small profiles and tubes. Both units are bench mount types and are available in electric drive and manual crank drives. Mignon machines are single initial pinch types with 3 DRIVEN ROLLS for optimal traction when rolling tight diameters. Frames are steel alloy with bolted construction. High strength shafts are hardened and ground. Bending roll shaft adjustment is manual. Version 025 includes an mechanical counter to monitor bending roll shaft position. 

Units are furnished without rollers as most uses are for dedicated production. Carell will make these optional roll sets per your bending needs. Units furnished with an instruction manual and service guide as well as service and adjustment tools.

MIGNON Series Features

  • Portable, Single Pinch Small Profile Bench Mountable Units

  • Rugged, Steel Alloy Bolted Construction Frames

  • Available in Electric Powered or Manual Rotation

  • 3 Driven Rolls for optimal traction

  • Hardened High Strength Shafts

  • Optional Coil Calibration and Support Base Stand


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