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Ornamental Iron Worker

Ornamental Iron Worker

As an all in one machining system, Carell’s Ornamental Iron Worker systems are ideal for production companies that need to be able to alternate between product designs but not invest in expansive capital equipment. The ability of Carell’s systems to provide swap-out tooling and multiple-function application, from shearing to cutting to pressing, gives a customer significant flexibility towards expanded product delivery on their part without the extended investment price tag. MX Series systems are easy to use, easily trainable for staff, and highly effective for mass production under fast swap turnarounds. Ironworking companies of all sizes have been enjoying the advantages of the Carell MX series for years, and the accolades on this wonderful fabrication approach for ironworking just continue to keep pouring in year after year. There are other alternatives, but involve far more manual work, which in turn drives up labor costs. Instead, with the MX series, automation is king and your quality output gets a boost.


Iron Workers Automation


There are some serious benefits once a fabrication process makes the leap into automation. First, your accuracy increases significantly in output quality. While employees with experience can produce amazing results, exhaustion eventually leads to mistakes. Automated specificity and accuracy can produce a higher degree of accurate output in longer cycles without downtime, all of which boosts our production output and reduces damage costs tremendously. Second, labor gets to be expensive over time. Automation equipment in iron workers applications involves an upfront capital investment and then maintenance. With each production run the cost per part produced goes down and your profit margin goes up. Versatility is your third benefit with quality systems. When you have 40 different tooling options available to choose from, your production scope and scale widens tremendously. All of these benefits are possible with Carell Corporation’s MX Series for Iron Workers and available accessories support.

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