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We manufacture and stock tools for plate roll bending, angle rolls, tube & pipe benders, custom & special tooling, section benders and more. We also carry the following brand names - Acrotech, Air Liquid, Cansa Makina, BPR Curvatrici, CBC, Comac, Hyllus, Icaro, Isitan, Lucas, Macri, Memoli, Ofmer, OMCCA, Omera, Parmigiani, Pedrick, Sahinler, and Simasv.

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Plate Rolls

Fabricating Plate Rolls to Order

There is no shortage of product availability from Carell Corporation when it comes to metal roll fabrication. Whether it be plate rolls or other choices, Carell is going to be able to provide specifications every time, reliably and on schedule. Carell machinery includes high technology design with geometric precision as well as consistent pressure via hydraulic advanced energy pressure and direction. Carell rolls can be assembled and provided in single pinch design, initial pinch, multi-roll translating or even automatic cycle designs and special, custom designs. Carell even provides a vertical roll option for tight space applications or optional fabrication assembly layouts. With these many choices just in the plate roll portfolio, it’s a surprise that there are orders outside of these specs, but Carell can deliver on special order designs as well. Folks just need to ask and start the conversation on exactly what is needed to get the job done.


Powered Plate Rolls and Related Options


Providing multiple choices within its PARMIGIANI Series, the Carell choices of plate rolls gives fabricators a wide range of capability to meet meet the demands of your application, all designed for long life, reliability and consistent fabrication output. This is particularly beneficial when companies and clients need angle rolls for bending fabrication and the workspace is limited in size and scope. The flexibility of plant equipment sizing gives customers real choices in selection while still maintaining a high degree of functional performance. When you need manufacturing equipment that is going to deliver consistently, it’s time to work with the Carell Corporation instead of guessing or fussing with used equipment or general tooling that simply doesn’t do the job at all. With Carell’s plate rolls you get the right choice for your shop or production line and your project isn’t handicapped by poor quality performance or dodgy tooling.

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