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GALILEO Series G50HV and G80HVP  are Heavy Duty, 3 Roll Universal Bending Machines with SOLID STEEL WELDED FRAMES, LED Readouts, high strength shafts and ALL 3 ROLLS DRIVEN through heavy duty drive trains for high torque delivery and energy efficiency. Our G50/G80 units roll standard & special sections plus tube & pipe using our unique 3 Roll Drive System with superior performance, superior design and manufacture for an attractive, economical initial investment. We use NO CASTINGS in the main frame unlike some other brands. 

Our Standard Universal Telescoping Modular Roll set is quick to adjust and will bend standard sections such as flat bar (on flat and on edge), square bar, tees, channel as well as round bar, angle leg-out, square and rectangular tube sections. Round tube and pipe require dedicated rolls. We manufacture custom rolls for extrusions and special shapes. Machines can be built with short shafts for dedicated coiling operations. Optional overhead supports available for coil diameter and pitch calibrations.

G50-HV and G80-HV Features

  • Rugged, Solid Steel Frames, No Castings! 

  • Dual, Large Roller Bearings on all shafts 

  • Hydraulic Top Roll Adjustment (HV/HVP) with push button operation 

  • 3 Driven Rolls - Automatic clutch on top roll with speed compensation 

  • LED Readout (G50-HV), Programmable Readout (G80-HVP) 

  • Universal Roll Set, telescopic adjustment, Hardened to 56 HRC 

  • Heavy Duty Multi Axis Lateral Material Guides 

  • Vertical and Horizontal Operation is standard 

  • Mobile Operator Consoles, 24VAC, E-Stop palm buttons



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