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Carell’s Parmigiani VBH Series 4-Roll Plate Rolling Machine: Revolutionizing Plate Rolling with Advanced Technologies.

Crafted with a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and bolstering the bottom line, Carell’s VBH Series redefines the standards of plate rolling machines. Let's delve into four cutting-edge technologies that set the VBH Series apart from other machines on the market.



i-Diagnostic: Streamlining Fault Detection:

  • Do you find yourself losing precious production hours troubleshooting issues with your machine? The revolutionary i-Diagnostic system eliminates the guesswork by offering immediate fault detection, sparing you the arduous task of scouring the machine for issues. Equipped with an intuitive control panel interface, the i-Diagnostic system oversees all main functions of the machine, from electrical connections to PLC modules and micro-switches and more. It also gives detailed information on the type and location of the fault. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uninterrupted productivity.

PPS Hydrotronic: Parmigiani Parallelism System (“PPS”) - Precision Redefined:

  • Precision is paramount in plate bending, and the PPS sets the gold standard in maintaining rolls parallelism, the key factor for production accuracy. Leveraging state-of-the-art digital control and hydraulic flow regulation via proportional valves, the PPS ensures consistent precision over the years. By employing a high-speed FIELD BUS system to control top and bottom rolls parallelism, coupled with hydraulic proportional valves with high performance digital cards, the VBH Series achieves a parallelism precision of about 0.1 mm, guaranteeing accurate results in every bend. When precision matters, look to the VBH Series to deliver the most advanced parallelism system available on the market.

FACILE Advanced Wiring System: Simplified Maintenance:

  • Reliability and ease of maintenance are the hallmarks of the FACILE Advanced Wiring System. With its plug-and-play technology, intricate wiring becomes a thing of the past, replaced by quick and simple plug connections. This not only minimizes the risk of wiring errors but also accelerates startup time and quick swapping of cables. Designed for maximum resilience against environmental factors and vibration, the FACILE Plug and Play system ensures hassle-free maintenance, empowering operators with the ability to make wiring adjustments with pin plug connectors, minimizing the need for specialized expertise. With the FACILE advanced wiring system, simplicity meets reliability.

Hi-Tech Hydraulic System: Empowering Control:

  • At the heart of the VBH Series lies the precise and highly responsive Hi-Tech Hydraulic system, which runs everything from the bending rolls drive to the bending rolls movement, as well as the tilting and all other machine attachments. Offering infinitely variable adjusting speeds and bending pressure, this advanced hydraulic system gives operators full control over the bending process. Through the digital control system, which adjusts the pressure and flow through dedicated hydraulic proportional valves, you can choose the best speed for each production stage. Other brand machines only give you the option of one or two speeds. The VBH Series accommodates a diverse range of bending requirements with infinitely variable pressure and speed adjustments. Whether working with thin plates or heavy-duty materials, operators can fine-tune the bending process, ensuring optimal results with every operation.

In conclusion, Carell’s VBH Series combines cutting-edge innovations with user-centric design principles. From immediate fault detection to unrivaled precision, simplified maintenance, and advanced hydraulic control, the VBH Series represents the most advanced plate rolling machine on the market today. Invest in our VBH Series and experience the future of plate rolling and what it can do for your production capabilities.



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