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Carell’s Parmigiani VBH Series 4-Roll Plate Rolling Machine: 5 Features You Need to Know

Are you in the market for a top-of-the-line plate rolling machine to streamline your metal bending operations and grow your bottom line? Look no further than our VBH Series 4-Roll Plate Rolling Machine, engineered to deliver precision, efficiency, and versatility. From cylindrical bends to conical shapes, the VBH Series can meet a wide range of bending requirements. Let's dive into the key features that set the VBH Series apart from the competition.

#1: ALG System - Anti Friction Linear Guides:

The cutting-edge, linear design of the VBH series ensures machine stiffness and perfect geometry for all bending operations. With a compact machine geometry, impossible to achieve with traditional swinging designs, the ALG System guarantees precision and accuracy in every bend. Plus, it minimizes friction, directs loads to the plate, and requires less vertical power on the top roll. The linear design reduces the shell spring back reopening effect, resulting in smaller bending diameters and superior performance compared to the swinging design.

#2: HMB System - Heavy Multiple Bearings:

The VBH Series is equipped with the robust HMB System, featuring Heavy Multiple Bearings designed for heavy works. Each bending roll is supported by four heavy-duty self-aligning spherical roller bearings, oversized to withstand the entire bending load. This exclusive design allows the roll to freely deflect along its full width during the rolling process, ensuring optimal load distribution and enhancing the machine’s reliability and lifespan. Additionally, the multi-bearing system with swiveling housings, reduces maintenance and the need for lubrication, ensuring hassle-free operation.

#3: Full Frame Extended Design:

Unlike slim frames found in other machines, the VBH Series boasts a Full Frame Extended Design for unmatched strength and rigidity. Our exclusive full-frame design withstands all bending forces, guaranteeing exceptional performance over the years. Built from welded fabrication, each frame undergoes stress relief and precision machining on CNC milling machines, ensuring durability and strength.

#4: AST System - Anti-Friction Sliding Technology:

Experience friction-free, maintenance-free operation with the AST System. Each roll is supported by machined anti-friction material in the sliding area, drastically reducing maintenance requirements and minimizing sliding friction compared to planetary machines.

#5: HTT System - High Transmitted Torque:

Drive your productivity to new heights with the HTT System, which delivers high transmitted torque for optimal performance. The rolls are driven by independent hydraulic motors via planetary gear transmission, ensuring automatic speed compensation between the top and lower rolls, and an optimal distribution of torque on each roll during the working phase. This system provides the best plate feeding and the highest driving torque of any machine on the market, making it ideal for those seeking top-tier performance.

In conclusion, the VBH Series Plate Rolling Machine is a game-changer for businesses seeking to enhance their bending capabilities. With its unparalleled features and precision engineering, the VBH Series sets the standard for excellence in plate rolling technology. Invest in the VBH Series today and experience the difference it can make in your operations.



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