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The VBH Series - Advanced Controls for Unmatched Precision

In metal fabrication, precision is paramount, and controls are essential for executing precision rolling applications.  Speed and pressure adjustment, shell calibration working modes, and the extended i-diagnostic system are only a few of the features you can control directly from the operation mobile panel, just by moving a finger. Imagine having complete control at your fingertips. With the VBH Series, this becomes a reality. With features like full-color, touch screen displays, digital read-outs, and storage memory of up to 5,000 programs, the advanced controls of the VBH give unmatched precision. Whether it’s the compact Digimatic control or Stradivari,  there’s a control for nearly every application. Let’s take a closer look at the control systems the VBH employs:

1. Digimatic, NC Control - “SAVE and BEND” & CNC Control - “FAST”

The Digimatic is our simplest control system with a 7” touch screen, full color display and storage memory capacity of up to 500 programs. You can create different programs, saving the pinching pressure of the lower roll and the positions of the lower and side rolls for automatic positioning. 

Step into the world of automation with the entry-level NC type control. The "SAVE and BEND" NC control boasts nine controlled axes, enabling fully automatic operation for seamless workflow.  There is a 10.4” touch screen, color display and storage memory capacity of up to 1,000 programs with 50 steps each. The CNC control type “FAST” streamlines programming with its automatic program mode, allowing for single radius shapes to be created effortlessly.  It has a 15” touch screen, color display and storage capacity of up to 5,000 programs.

2. STRADIVARI® Software: The Ultimate CNC Control Center

Developed by an in-house team of experts, the Stradivari software offers unparalleled ease of use and flexibility, independent from operator skill. The integration of 3D-ROLLCAD® takes precision to new heights by automatically creating bending sequences directly from drawings. Just draw the shape in the 3D-ROLLCAD®, and you will have the full bending sequence automatically generated by the software. You can also do things the old way starting from a menu of standard shapes and simply entering the shell data. The control then creates the 3D drawing and completes the bending program with all the necessary steps. Whether drawing shapes in 3D or utilizing the menu of standard shapes, the STRADIVARI® software ensures optimal results with minimal effort. 

3. Servodynamic Active Controls: Precision in Motion

Precision extends beyond programming; it's about how the machine interacts with the material. With Servodynamic Active Controls, the VBH Series offers precise pressure and speed control for top and lateral support devices. With Servodynamic Active Control, you have infinitely variable positioning speeds of the bending rolls and active pressure of the lower roll. 

In metal fabrication, achieving precision is not just a goal but a necessity. The VBH Series, with its advanced control systems, exemplifies this commitment to precision and ease of use. From the simplicity of the Digimatic control to the automation capabilities of the "SAVE and BEND" NC and "FAST" CNC controls, the VBH Series offers a solution tailored to every application. The groundbreaking STRADIVARI® software takes CNC control to new heights, making complex bending sequences effortless. And with Servodynamic Active Controls ensuring precision, the VBH Series guarantees flawless results with every operation. 



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