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Carell / SIMASV Hydraulic Corner Notching Machines use a patented self regulating gap adjustment which permits perfect shearing of both thin and thick materials without need of operator intervention.

Machines are heavy duty and the work bed is constructed of GS500 Cast Alloy, precision machined and stress relieved. Lower frame is constructed of heavy steel tube and sheet.
Several styles are available: AF - Fixed Angle, AF/P - Fixed Angle with Punch, AV - Variable Angle and AV/PA Variable Angle with Punch 
Units are capable of cutting from the apex of the notch or from the end. The machine bed is machined with dovetail slots to accept squaring arms, spring loaded sheet stops, side extensions or other accessories. Graduated reference scales are recessed in the bed. Vertical stroke tolerance is maintained by using two precision ground and hardened guideposts working through a heavy, oversized cast head structure. Head is also slotted to accept spring loaded optional sheet hold-downs.
Each machine is furnished with a pair of blades, a pair of adjustable sheet squares, stroke limit adjustment, waste chute, foot pedal, service tool kit and instruction manual. A wide variety of optional equipment is available. All units are 3 phase and voltage must be specified on ordering.

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Extraordinary cutting precision equal to 0.1 °

Automation is often the answer to accelerating production. For this, S.I.M.A.S.V. has added NC capabilities to a variety of its models. For example, their latest innovation is the 30 ° >140 ° variable-angle hydraulic notching machine AV226/PA-CNC. It has been designed with system-regulating blades by means of an NC electronic control integrated to the machine. This notcher was in fact designed to meet the strict accuracy requirement of the customer European Space Research & Technology Center – ESTEC

The AV226/PA-CNC model distinguishes itself from the other notchers in the market because its blades are moved singularly and controlled by an electronic NC. Thanks to this system, the machine achieves an extraordinary cutting precision equal to 0.1 ° 

A wide range of optional and customized equipment enhances the extensive standard equipment of the machine

Custom Rebar Tooling

AF/B Fixed Angle

AF 226/B Notching 0.220 Capacity
+ 8.66 Blades + 90° Angle

AF 226/B Notching 0.300 Capacity
+ 8.66 Blades + 90° Angle

AF/P Fixed Angle with Punch

Rebar machine

Notching 0.300 Capacity + 9.84 Blades + 90° Angle
Punching 1.125 x 11Ga

AV/B Variable Angle

Rebar Bender 2

AV 224/B  Notching 10 Ga Capacity
+ 8.66 Blades + 30° to 140° Angle


AV 226/B Notching 0.220 Capacity
+ 8.66 Blades + 30° to 140° Angle

AV/PA Variable Angle with Punch

Rebar Bender

AV 224/PA

Notching 10Ga Capacity
+ 8.66 Blades + 30° to 140° Angle Punching
1.125 x 12Ga 


AV 226/PA 

Notching 0.220 Capacity
+ 8.66 Blades+ 30° to 140° Angle Punching
1.125 x 11Ga

LC & AV Series

Several Models with capacity up to 3/8 Plate, call for Information

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