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Welcome to Our Testimonials Page

Here are just a few of our thousands of satisfied customers

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Red Pepper Forge Inc - Carell MT500 & Eagle Model CP40-H

We have been the proud owners of a CP40-H and MT500 for many years. Your company has given us great service and your products are high quality and long lasting with few maintenance issues.
Thank you
Jim Bomba, President, Red Pepper Forge, Inc.


Howden - Carell 4RH 6/3 & Eagle Model CP40-H

Howden North America first purchased our Carell CNC plate roll back in 2000 for our South Carolina facility. The machine was subsequently related to our plant in Mexico City. Throughout these sixteen years, we have found the Carell Plate Roll to be of outstanding quality, very reliable. Carell has always been very responsive and have provided excellent support both while machine was in SC, then in Mexico. I would certainly recommend Carell and Eagle.
David G. Smith, Operations Director Howden North America, 
Managing Director Howden Mexico

Laser Fab

Laser Fabrication and Machine Co. Inc.
Carell 303HV Angle Roll + 4RH CNC 8/7 Plate Roll + E-Matic CE/CN Bender, Eagle BA50 Section Roll

My company has purchased several pieces of equipment from Carell Corporation. They have always provided excellent customer service. Their pricing is competitive and equipment arrives quickly. The equipment efficiently performs the tasks it was purchased to do. I will use Carell Corporation in the future.
Alyson Orth, Laser Fabrication and Machine Co. Inc.


Impact Storefront Designs - Carell ETM60 & Eagle CP30

Impact Storefront Designs is a team of building envelope specialists primarily focused on the fabrication and installation of glass. curtain wall, and storefront products. However, when we decided to tackle custom railing fabrication we turned to Eagle Bending Machines & Carell Corporation. Our team is now able to produce custom bent railings and metal work with superior craftsmanship. Our Eagle CP30 Roll Bender and Carell ETM-60 Rotary Pipe Bender has helped continue our tradition of top quality metal work as seen in our latest accomplishment at the Uncommon Charter School in Newark, NJ. These machines give us excellent results regardless of the magnitude of the project. ISD’s vision is one of simplicity; to fully control the fabrication, delivery, and installation of pre-assembled storefront products and our Eagle & Carell Bending Machines have also allowed us to add to the vast catalog of specialty products that we offer our customers.
Mike Fileti,Operations Manager, IMPACT Storefront Designs


Purolator Facet Inc. - Carell 3 & 4 Roll Plate Rolls

of various sizes

February, 2016
We at Purolator were interested in 4 roll plate rolls for long and small diameter perforated filter tubes with short unbent flats and perfect cylindrical dimensions, ready for our seam welding machines. These machines were auto-cycle and the operator does not need to touch the sheet.  I was recommended to contact Carell by another engineer at Purolator that had made several prior purchases of other Carell rolls. We spoke to Mr. David Donnell who assisted us with the  valuation and final equipment recommendation. We received 3 competitive proposals and chose Carell. We were completely satisfied with these 2 new Carell rolls. The machines worked as promised, which for me means a successful project. When contacting Carell, they are always responsive. They have Great customer service! The whole experience was nothing less than Excellent, and I would certainly recommend Carell Corporation to others.
Doug Moser, Sr. Metals Design & Manufacturing Engineer , Purolator Facet, Inc.

Sears Welding

& Fabrication

Sears Welding & Fabrication - Carell 307 Angle Roll + 8' x 3/8"

Plate Roll

I have depended on Eagle Bending & Carell for roll benders, custom tooling and technical support for quite a while. They are great to work with and quick to respond with quality equipment and the information I need."
Pat Sears, Sears Welding & Fabrication

S systems

Sonoco Steel Reels - Carell 308HV & 305HV Angle Rolls

When you need the strength and durability of a steel reel, Sonoco has the product for you. When Sonoco began looking to purchase equipment to roll flat bar, I beam and channel, we looked to Carell Corporation because of their service and reputation for reliability. We spoke with Mr. Bill Richards at Carell. He was very knowledgeable about our application and helped guide us through the process of making the right equipment choice for our needs. In fact, we've been so pleased with the experience that we recently purchased additional equipment from them. If you're looking for reliable equipment backed by great technical support and service, look no further than Carell Corporation.
Doug Ainsworth, Sonoco Steel Reel

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